How do Garnetwork works?

What is Garnetwork?

Garnetwork is a job portal founded and created from the Sultanate of Oman. The idea of creating the platform came after so many people lost their income due to the covid-19 pandemic. 

Our platform was created to help match employers and job seekers. Jobseekers find it very hard to get a chance of being interviewed by most companies for many different reasons. Garnetwork will help in breaking the barrier between the employer and employee by having the employer see the talent of the employee before hiring him/her for full time employment.

Garnetwork Terms

  • Projects: Jobs are offered by employers. Candidates can bid / apply on projects
  • Employers: Who posts projects & hires candidates.
  • Candidates: Candidates can create gigs and apply to projects.
  • Services: Services are gigs that are offered by job seekers.

Garnetwork for buyers

Garnetwork offers companies/individuals a platform to hire people part-time or full time. Employers or individuals buyers can hire people and get their services. Thousands of services are offered by different service providers and job seekers every day. This platform works as the medium of hiring experts by skills, experience, certifications, locations, reviews and many more all around from Oman.

Buyers can post their requirements and hire the perfect hand to do the job.  You can discuss with the candidate about requirements/projects with the chat feature. You have a nice dashboard and easy to manage hirings, payments to employees online. 

Garnetwork charges 15% from the buyer.

Garnetwork for Sellers

Garnetwork is an exciting platform for job seekers. It is hard for job seekers to find a perfect job during this covid-19 pandemic.  Garnetwork brings the opportunity to job seekers to find part-time & full-time jobs.

Job seekers can act as sellers by offering their services based on their skills and expertise to individuals & companies from all around Oman. Also, you can add your portfolios to showcase your works and grab the attention of recruiters. A candidate can apply for full-time/part-time jobs at the same time they can list their services and sell them to the buyers.

Garnetwork charges 15% from the seller.


Is Garnetwork For You?

Whether you are an individual or company Get your job DONE from Garnetwork. 

Recruiters have access to thousands of qualified workers to choose from Garnetwork. You can see reviews, portfolios, skills of job seekers. Garnetwork makes recruitment easier for companies & individuals.

Job seekers have a wonderful opportunity to get hired and earn money from this platform. You can find thousands of jobs that you can apply for. You can also list your services & work for Top companies in Oman.

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