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Garnetwork is a job portal founded by Faisal Al Naaman and created from the Sultanate of Oman. The idea of creating the platform came after so many people lost their income due to the covid-19 pandemic. Our platform was created to help match employers and job seekers. Jobseekers find it very hard to get a chance of being interviewed by most companies for many different reasons.

Garnetwork will help in breaking the barrier between the employer and employee by having the employer see the talent of the employee before hiring him/her for full time employment. Garnetwork will also make it easier and safer for employers to pick the right talent for their companies before committing into full time contracts which will make it difficult for the employers to fire the employee in case he or she is not performing well. The platform is designed to help reduce the load of unemployment created during the Covid19 pandemic. Currently our platform will only deal with Omani citizens who are looking for part time and full time employment.


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Why We Exist

Garnetwork exists simply to connect job seekers with recruitment opportunities. Our platform provides quality access to part or full time jobs. Our goal is to be the ‘go-to’ platform for employers looking for talented employees.

Why Us

We are passionate about supporting those who lost their livelihood due to Covid-19. Our unique platform gives job seekers better exposure that sets them up for making quality connections with readily available employers.

We have designed effective techniques that help employers get the best candidates by streamlining the hiring process to give them the best hiring experience. We believe in the principle of trust in providing a platform that match employers with the best candidates. Our easy-to-use solutions help employers save time and money in hiring talented professionals.

Our Values

We value integrity and honesty in connecting employers with talented professionals. These principles are embodied in our core values which are:

Dedication: We are dedicated to providing job opportunities and increasing the productivity of employers with quality personnel.

Transparency: Ethics, accountability, trust, integrity & mutual respect in all our dealings are what we hold dear to our heart.

Collaboration: We are passionate about facilitating collaborations between employers and the right candidates for the job.

Inclusion and Diversity: We value our client companies, partners, employers, associates, professionals and job seekers.

Passion for Excellence: We believe in achieving better results with every opportunity and taking practical steps towards success for recruiters and job seekers alike.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality service to recruiters and job seekers by connecting people with job opportunities in Oman. Vision Statement To create a culture of recruitment excellence that we can always be proud of, one job at a time